Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Waltham Traveler

This is one of a series of posts illustrating the main grades of Waltham size 16 watches, primarily the 1899 & 1908 models. Note that specifications did change over time, the description below being typical.
Made in large quantities over an extended period the Traveler (yes with one "T") was a very successful movement and for good reason. Again the 1899 and 1908 models are essentially the same but the 1908 version came in one of the two plate designs as illustrated here. Hunter and open faced versions were produced, all are pendant set.

The 1899 model was as the design of the lower movement shown. Some late 1908 Travelers were made in nickel but the majority are Gilt.

Over six hundred and seventy thousand 7 jewel Travelers were produced in total, with more being made as special order or with other branding. Almost eight thousand 11 & 15 jewel versions were also made, see also the entry for the Marquis model. The movement normally has 7 Jewels, a Swiss lever escapement with a Breguet sprung cut compensating balance. It is unadjusted and has a single roller.

The top movement shown is from 1918, the lower from 1917, both are 1908 open faced models.


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