Saturday, 22 March 2014

A very rare Waltham 1894-Riverside Maximus, 21J 1903/4

In a previous post I described the Waltham S16 Riverside Maximus and mentioned that the grade name was also used on premium grades in other sizes. Here is one in size 12 and it is pretty rare.

The Waltham production records show that about three and a quarter million 1894 models were made of which about 83 thousand were "Riverside" grades but only 10,063 Riverside Maximus grades were made of all types - and that number will include rejects and movements planned to be made but not.

Of these only 2,801 were recorded as Open Faced 21Jewel movements the rest being Hunters or of different jewel count.

The general design is very close to the larger 1899 & 1908 models which followed and has moved away from the captive winding stem of the 1888 model. It has a Swiss Lever escapement with a Breguet  sprung cut compensating balance.

This grade also has a double roller, micro adjuster and steel escape wheel as found in railroad grade watches of the period.

Apart from the escape wheel the train wheels are gold and the top plate jewels are screw set in gold mountings. There are diamond cap jewels on the escape wheel and the Balance.

This example has a rare dial signed by Bailey, Banks, Biddle Co. Philadelphia - a very prestigious jewellery maker and retailer.

The case is by the Illinois Watch Case Company of Elgin and is rolled gold.

More pictures can be found via this page of my web site.


  1. John, How much for this new beauty ?..Adrian Bruder

  2. HI Adrian, it is on the web site with additional pictures under
    Size 16 – Railroad Watches
    Size 16, 14 & 12 - Waltham Maximus, .......etc.



  3. That dial and hands look identical to another Waltham I bid for on ebay a couple of weeks ago. Superb! I'd never seen one before.......Mick Taylor

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