Monday, 17 February 2014

Three Completed S16 Waltham Watches.

The three movements shown below are now back in their cases.

On the left is the Pendant set 17J 1899-Riverside from 1900/01. The Three piece dial (see previous post) is signed by Fattorini & Sons  Watch & Chronometer Manufacturers, Bradford, Fattotini are still in business as makers of insignia, medals and trophies (they made the FA cup among others), their dials come up on occasion buy rarely do you see these nice three piece dials on a size 16 Waltham.

The middle watch is a railroad grade 21 Jewel 1908-Crescent St, it has an uncommon (for a lever set watch) hinged front so it is more convenient and quicker to set than a watch with a screw on bezel. The three piece dial is a US railroad approved type.

On the right is a 23J 1908 Vanguard from 1935/6 and shortly after this one was made the movement was changed loosing the nice screw set jewels in their gold mounts (see this post below), the dial is typical of these later watches.

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