Friday, 21 February 2014

Anatomy of an 1899-Vanguard part 2.

Waltham 1899-Vanguard, 23J, 1904/5
Waltham 1899-Vanguard, 23J, 1904/5
The Vanguard in the previous post ran stronger and stronger as the oil circulated and things settled down, in fact is was running too strongly and was reaching the point where the balance could swing too far and, particularly if knocked at just the wrong time the impulse jewel could have broken. So a  steel spring has replaced the alloy (which is stronger for its size) and all is now well.

The watch has metal dial which although not perfect is in remarkably good condition for is age - whilst they do not hairline like ceramic dials they can get very shabby.

The case is Filled Gold by Bates & Bacon, owned by Philadelphia Watch Case Co when this case was made.

Now for the next watch, an Omega this time I think.

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