Friday, 6 December 2013

Waltham 1883-1 Hunter

Here is one for those who like the Waltham 1883, Hunters and BIG watches.

Its a standard leaver set size 18 1883-1, but the case! It's in coin silver by Dueber and weighs in at 108 grams without the movement (but including the case springs), it's 2.2" / 5.7 cm in diameter excluding the pendant and 0.8" / 1.97cm thick. A serious watch

Coin Silver: US Silver standards were a mess when this watch was made with no legal definitions until 1906 but most cases stamped “Coin Silver” are between 0.892 and 0.930 pure as used in US coinage which was frequently melted down for watch cases, as English currency was for English cases

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