Sunday, 29 December 2013

Waltham Size 18 1883-American Waltham Watch Co, 16J c1898


This watch was a bit of a puzzle, it is listed in the Waltham "Grey book" - a list of production runs - as being a 17 Jewel "Appleton Tracy" which it clearly is not, I a...m grateful (again) to John S for his expert help which solved the mystery.

By the late 1890's the 1883 model Railroad grade watches had been superseded by the (expensive!) 1892 model and with changing tastes the size 16 1888 and 1899 models were becoming popular. Waltham therefore produced this "Closeout Special" and used up a block of serial numbers allocated to the Appleton Tracy grade. The movement is essentially an 1883-820 or 825 but with 16 jewels rather than 15 or 17 but with cosmetic enhancements to give the appearance of a Railroad grade Waltham at a more modest price. On this occasion a top grade case in 14 carat Filled Gold was also used to produce something special.


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