Sunday, 31 March 2019

Rotherham Serial Numbers

Two Rotherham 19J watches from 1910, one size 12 the other size 16.

The two watches above both have the classic 19J three-quarter plate pin set movement by Rotherham, one in size 12 the other size 16. Both are from 1910 and coincidentally I acquired them on the same day from different sellers. One interesting point is the difference in serial numbers.

The size 12 is number 293,062.

The size 16 is number 148,956.

The reason is that Rotherhams used multiple serial number ranges, I don't know how many but at least the two shown by these examples, one for size 0 and 6[i] , at least one for earlies models and probably more. This makes it difficult to determine the companies total production which Cutmore[i] estimates at about 600,000 in total over 50 years. It can also make dating watches in filled gold cases tricky if the movement is an unusual size.

[i] Watches 1850 – 1980 M. Cutmore, David & Charles, 1989

The size 16

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