Saturday, 19 March 2016

Sometimes you have to improvise, fixing a hunter case.

I recently acquired a rather nice Hunter cased watch, the main problem with it being the lid not opening when the crown was pushed. Taking it to pieces I found that the tube that goes around the winding stem to activate the opening on this type of watch was missing. And I did not have one long enough in the spares box.

Just as I was starting what promised to be a long internet search for a small quantity of metal tube with the right internal and external diameters I had a brain wave: To help them sink, salmon flies are sometime tied onto brass, copper or alloy tubes of about the required size, so a quick rummage through the fly tying box, the plastic liner pulled out of a tube, a few seconds on the lathe to shorten it (easier than sawing it and less likely to cause distortion) and I have a fully functional watch case! J
Now to do the movement.

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