Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Double Own Label!

A 16J Errington, 1895.
At first sight this appeared to be a normal "own label" watch made for by C.H. Errington of Coventry for Curtis & Horespool of Leicester.

However looking at the hallmarks there are normal marks for Chester 1895 but one set of makers marks have been over-stamped by another.

Under high magnification and with a hint from another mark (see below) it is possible to read the second set of marks as belonging to Alfred Moss Jacobs & Co (Watch Makers), 18 Cross St, Hatton Garden, London.

The original marks are probably those of Errington.

After taking the movement apart things became clearer, the normal mark of Errington and his patent numbers referring to his method of releasing the mainspring (shown below) has been partially over-stamped  "AMJ Co".

So it would appear that Errington sold the watch to Jacobs & Co who went as far as disassembling a new watch to over-stamp the makers marks, before selling it on to Curtis & Horsepool who signed it.

More on own label watches can be found in my blog post Coventry made own label watches

The patented Errington spring
release mechanism.  

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