Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Great British Railway Journeys in Coventry

Well, Great British Railway Journeys aired earlier this evening, after a couple of “women in the street interviews” with local residents about Coventry and watches there was 10 or 15 seconds of commentary about Rotherham over pictures of the factory, 5 seconds of pictures of watches from the   Coventry Watch Museum  and 5 seconds of voice over two of my watches illustrating the evil Swiss (the plain face of an Omega) and American (a very nice Waltham 1893 model movement) watch makers that put them out of business before 8 or 9 minutes on how the Coventry watch makers moved on to cycles and automotive related manufacturing.

My pictures looked great, I wish I had the technology and know how to enhance them like that! And I did get a credit at the end under “Archives”.

Such is the fleeting nature of fame

Its a great shame they did not spend the whole of the Coventry segment of the program Coventry Watch Museum
 although one has to admit the cycle and automotive industries were ultimately important to the city.

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